Monday, October 24, 2016

We are serious about FUNDRAISING. Without fund, we can not SUPPORT Fukushima Kids

In December, we are going to do 3 different fundraiser in 3 different locations, 2 in Kona, 1 in Tokyo.

I just write the date, time and place so that you can save those dates if you are interested in participating.

Dec 2@Kona Coffee and Tea Company in Kailua Kona from 5pm
No charge and donation appreciated, and please purchase drink or food  at KCTC

Dec 18@Hawaiian Queen Coffee Garden in Kailua Kona from 4pm
Violin solo concert by Ursula Vietze
suggested donation: $20

Dec 26@Nippori Sunny Hall in Tokyo from 7pm
Gen Morita solo concert with Yumi, Toyono and Miwako
fee: 2000yen

All the proceed goes to Fukushima Kids Hawaii for the program of 2017 Summer project.
We want more people donate less (not few people a lot), like 3000 people donating $10 each would be sufficient to carry out the program for 1 year.  So, please help us spread the words.

Here is the online platform to donate directly to us:

Thank you for reading and your interest in Fukushima Kids Hawaii.  We will continue to do what we can to support Fukushima children.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Today at The Sweet Spot in Kona, Concert and Fundraising

Fundraising is the essential part of running any project. Without it, it does not happen.

Here again tonight, we will be fundraising event for Fukushima Kids Hawaii tonight at The Sweet Spot.

You can click here:

If you can not make it tonight, you can support us by online donation of GoFundMe:

Thank you for your care and support for children in Fukushima who have been living in more radioactive environment since the March 11, 2011 nuclear disaster.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii has almost hosted close to 100 kids and moms from Fukushima since 2013 thanks to you.

Mahalo and Arigato~