Thursday, March 30, 2006

Complete Tokyo Journal Article Now Online

Tokyo Journal JPG

Thanks to the support and kindness of the staff of Tokyo Journal, the full version of their 911 Conspiracy article has been made available for all the world to see! Thank you so much to all involved at Tokyo Journal.

The complete online article is available here. All URLs and websites mentioned on each of the pages in the article are hyperlinked for your convenience.

Please show your support for Tokyo Journal by purchasing a copy from your local bookstore! Showing the magazine to your friends is a great way to introduce the 911 coverup to your friends.

My earlier Blog posting about this can be read here.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Reopen 911 plus Lecture by Dr. Sternglass and Leuren Moret

Finally, I was able to connect with Jimmy Walter of Reopen 911 last night.
He and William Rodorigues agreed to visit Japan this autumn. We mean to organize the first International Conference on 911 Truth in Japan around that time.

William Rodriguez JPG

William Rodrigues

I will keep you posted on my blog and Global Peace Campaign HP.

Below are some excerpts from the New York Magazine which should be noted;
For 7 WTC to collapse unaided at that speed, Hoffman says, would mean “its 58 perimeter columns and 47 central columns of structural steel would have to have been shattered at almost the same instant, so unlikely as to be impossible.” What happened at 7 WTC might be the key to the entire mystery of September 11, contends Hoffman.
To wit: The IRS, the Department of Defense, and the CIA kept offices on the 25th floor. The Secret Service occupied the ninth and tenth. The Securities and Exchange Commission (home to vast records of bank transactions) was on floors 11 through 13. The 23rd floor was home to Rudy Giuliani’s Office of Emergency Management, his crisis center. If this wasn’t enough, the mortgage of 7 WTC was held by the Blackstone Group, headed by Pete Peterson, chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations, stalwart players in any NWO MIHOP. In the 9/11 Truth cosmology, the destruction of 7 World Trade Center is akin to Jack Ruby’s shooting Lee Harvey Oswald. Seven WTC was the home of secrets. It had to go. Central to the scenario is a comment made by Silverstein in a 2002 PBS documentary. “We’ve had such a terrible loss of life,” he quotes himself as saying on 9/11. “Maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.”

I hope more and more people will face the truth and make decisions according to it.


Here is urgent request from Greenpeace Japan. Rokkasho mura Nuclear Fuel Recycling Plant should be shut down. We have enough radioactivity from the 55 Nuke Power plants in Japan, the 433 worldwide plus the DU dust from Afghanistan and Iraq. Enough! Here are some English pages discussing Rokkasho:

Japan to begin operation of world's most expensive nuclear facility

Rokkasho-mura to be the world’s largest source of radioactive krypton

Wings of Peace - No more Hiroshima, Nagasaki - Stop Rokkasho

Here is a link for the Greenpeace Japanese page.

We also have a lecture by Dr. Sternglass and Leuren Moret in Tokyo on April 2nd at 1:30pm.

Ernest Sternglas GIF

Ernest Sternglas

Professor Emeritus of Radiological Physics at the University of Pittsburgh Medical School, Dr. Sternglass has written numerous articles on the health effects of low-level radiation.

His 1981 book Secret Fallout: Low-level Radiation from Hiroshima to Three Mile Island established him as a pioneer in the study of the health effects of low-level radiation.

Lauren Moret JPG

Lauren Moret

After working 5 years at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and two years at the Livermore nuclear weapons lab, Lauren left Livermore and now dedicates her life to revealing and understanding the actual health effects of radiation exposure. Ms. Moret contributed to a scientific report on depleted uranium to advise the United Nations' subcommission investigating the illegality of depleted uranium munitions. She has also worked extensively with indigenous people contaminated by radiation from the nuclear weapons program, communities in the US and other countries exposed to radiation from related activities, and communities impacted by radiation from nuclear power plants.

Currently Leuren is helping educate the governments and peoples of the world regarding the dangers of depleted uranium being used in the occupation of Iraq, and the very real possibility that this us is in fact a war crime. With graphic photographs and scientific facts, Leuren drives home the terrible effects of this kind of nuclear war.

Lauren Moret testified in June of 2003 in Japan as an expert on depleted uranium at a public hearing for the international war crimes tribunal, trying President Bush for war crimes in Afghanistan. She is active in a tribunal trying him for war crimes in the U.S. military action in Iraq.

All of you who are interested in knowing the truth about low level radiation and the health risk of DU are welcome!

Join us and make sure you pass on the information below:

Date and time: April 1, 1:30-4:30, we will have a dinner together after the lecture.
Place: Campus Innovation Center, JR Tamachi Station, East Exit.
Fee: 1000 yen. The lecture will be in English with Japanese translation by myself and Gen Morita.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Alex Jones Interviewed on CNN ShowBiz Tonight!

Alex Jones JPG

Alex Jones

Unprecedented as it may seem, Alex Jones, the controversial American documentary film producer, journalist and radio and television host from Austin, Texas, who is best known for his radio show and web page Prison Planet, has just been interviewed by A. J. Hammer on CNN Showbiz Tonight.

Prison Planet GIF

It is a very fast paced interview and Alex manages to cover a lot of areas that I sure hope will get people thinking and questioning... Read a transcript of the interview here, watch the interview here! But don’t stop reading, there is more!

Charlie Sheen JPG

Charlie Sheen

For the second time in two days, Charlie Sheen was interviewed by Alex Jones on his Prison Planet radio show. The interview was very powerful and did not cut any slack to anyone. You MUST listen to it here You can also download it from here. (2.6 MB - 23min). This is a milestone of an interview because it is the first time such a high profile person as Charlie is speaking out against the official 911 story... The interview covers many of the highly questionable areas of Sept. 11th, including the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, the many reports of bombs going off and more! Charlie is asking his critics to challenge him on the facts, which until now, no one has done.

If you have friends that are not aware of the various discrepancies in the official 911 story, you might introduce them to this Prison Planet story titled, “Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story.“ It is definitely a good read!

I should mention that Charlie is the son of Martin Sheen, the Emmy award winning actor who plays the role of the President, in the NBC TV drama, The West Wing. Martin has been arrested over 63 times for protesting against issues such as United States military actions. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions.

Martin and Yumi JPG

Martin Sheen and Yumi

Anyway, kudos to Charlie and Alex! Yes, KUDOS, KUDOS!! (And of course kudos to the many others that have been saying the same things for these last few years.)

Let’s put an end to the military madness we are engulfed in! Let us all work towards Global Peace!

CNN Covers 911 Unanswered Questions... Finally!!


On March 22th, the CNN program ShowBiz Tonight devoted a full ten minute segment to the unanswered questions of September 11th!

Charlie Sheen of the successful primtime CBS Sitcom, Two and a Half Men, makes stunning statements on September 11th. Charlie believes that airplanes did not take down the twin towers! Wow! This is really something for CNN to be broadcasting such controversial material!

You can view the segment here or here (26MB - Broadband recommended).

To listen to the interview between Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen that sparked the CNN interview, click here (39mins - 9MB).

Currently you can vote in the following CNN survey : Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks? on this page! Please vote and let your voice be heard!

Friday, March 24, 2006

DU Covered in Texan Paper

Lone Star GIF

Take a look at this!!

Leuren Moret and Dr. Ernest Sternglass are featured in this issue of this Texas paper that is devoted to exposing the dangers of Depleted Uranium (DU). Right now Lauren and Ernest are in Japan, touring and visiting with many activists, as well as giving talks in Tokyo, Kobe, Nagoya, Gifu, Shizuoka, Aomori, etc. We will interview them soon and upload the interview on our Podcast so you can hear directly from them about DU.

In the meantime, please take a look at what they have to say in the paper. These important facts have been hidden from us by the government and media. Get yourself up to speed on DU and its dangers...

Is Japan polluted by DU dust from Iraq? I do believe so. It was blown over to England in a week or so, and there is no reason to believe it should stop there. It keeps traveling and I imagine it is now spread all over this planet.

How can we protect us and our children from it? Doctors say it is best to avoid drinking milk or eating any milk products. I would add meat to their recommendations too, as foods high on the food chain naturally accumulate more radioactive elements.

What a world we are creating! But we still live today and will live tomorrow. We have to do something about it as soon as possible or we will make this planet inhabitable.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Six pages on 911 in Tokyo Journal!

[Update] As this 911 issue is of major significance to all people around the world, Tokyo Journal has kindly made available the complete six page article for everyone to read. The article is available here. All URLs and websites mentioned in the article are hyperlinked for your convenience.

Please show your support for Tokyo Journal by purchasing a copy from your local bookstore!
This month's Tokyo Journal has a must read article on the inconsistancies in the official US government 911 story and the impact on both the US and Japan that the Patriot Act has brought about.

Tokyo Journal talks with two members of the local peace movement, Kazuhiro Imamura and John Mancuso, as well as myself.

Tokyo Journal JPG

Tokyo Journal is published four times a year and is one of Japans longest running English publications. You can get Tokyo Journal, issue 255, from most major bookstores in Japan. Please read it and pass it on to your English speaking friends.

Of course, 911 In Plane Site is mentioned in the article, as well as Loose Change. If you have not seen them already, make sure you do!