Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Good News! 911 In Plane Site seen in major media outlets!

911 In Plane Site was shown on Channel 10 in Australia today and is also the opening story covered in this weeks Weekly Post (週刊ポスト) here in Japan! Here is a picture of the cover. I am very happy as finally the film has been discussed by a major magazine in Japan, the Shukan (Weekly) Post. I believe the Weekly Post circulation is around 600,000. It is an excellent six page article, written by Benjamin Fulford, the former head of Forbes Asia, (see also Forbes Japan) a well respected media outlet for the business community. The article touches on all the main points in the film.

As for the Australian broadcast, I think this is the first time this film has aired on a commercial TV station in the world. Well done, Chris, the distributer of the film in Australia!

I have had to bear many attacks and criticisms because of my push to publize this film, but I am fine as long as there is interest and argument in this important subject. This topic needs more attention to say the least!

Thank you very much whoever made this happen!!!!


Child of Gaia said...

Yes, to my knowledge also, this is the first time ever for it to be aired. Momentum is finally starting to grow as more and more people begin to wake up. Too bad it is taking such a long time, as people are still dying every day and will continue to die until enough people wake up to the facts so that we can stop the madness.

What seems ironic to me, though, is this. Finally, a clear majority of Americans now realize what people elsewhere (and a small number of Americans too) have known all along. The Bush/BLiar cabal lied in order to provide an excuse for war. But at the same time, most still deny that the same cabal was responsible for the September 11, 2001 attacks on the WTC and Pentagon. Why? Even though they now understand that Bush, BLiar, et al. are bad guys, they just cannot bring themselves to believe that these greedy evil men would do anything so horrendous. But wake up, y'all. Read the PNAC mission statement from September 2000, a whole year before the attack. ( See page 63 of: ) And think! The Bush/BLiar cabal also knew that by starting a war, many people would die. They lied in order to start a war in which they knew full well that many people would die in. That is premeditated murder, folks. Cold-blooded people capable of premeditated murder have no limits. Mass murder is mass murder, regardless of whether you send soldiers to kill and die half way around the world or crash airplanes into buildings.

Another thing to ponder: Operation Northgate. If you have never heard of it, look it up. September 11, 2001 was not the first conspiracy by American leaders to kill American citizens in order to provide an excuse for war. And read your history books -- the 1933 Reichstag fire. And heed the words of Nazi war criminal Hermann Goering convicted in the Nuremberg Tribunals.

Ministry of Truth said...

Its not Northgate; Its northwoods.
Wikipedia has a pretty good page about it too.