Monday, February 06, 2006

Cindy May Run for Senate

"What is the noble cause my son died for?" - Cindy Sheehan's protest outside of President Bush's Ranch fueled the peace movement in the USA. She has been as busy as ever with her recent arrest at the State of the Union for wearing a T-shirt that said "2245 died, How Many More?" She not only lost her son but also the right to express herself.

Cindy Sheehan GIF

In the state of Union, President Bush talked about freedom and American values, using the word "freedom" 17 times. How ironical it is that she can not even wear a T-shirt that says the truth and asks a very serious question. Bush should be answering her.

Some other good news is about the showing of 911 In Plane Site (Directors Cut) in Australia on Channel 10, a national network TV station. After showing the movie Channel 10 got nearly 600 phone calls, a very high rate for Australia. Out of those 600 calls only 8 were negative. That is so great! People are finally seeing the value of this amazing documentary. I just pray it hits some TV screens in the USA. Check out this story.

Loose Change JPG

We are considering translating the wonderful new documentary "Loose Change" into Japanese. You can see it online. It is really well done. I am so happy that the directors are from NY and that they are young. Actually I was amazed to discover that they are in their early 20's. Many people have been saying that "This is the best film ever on 911". You can download the movie from here.

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