Thursday, July 27, 2006

♪ Life and Debt by Stephanie Black ♪ - 10 min 03 sec - 2.3MB

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Today's podcast is with Stephanie Black, the director of the film Life and Debt, which we just screened at our 3rd Tokyo Peace Film Festival. The festival was a big success with 813 people (who bought tickets) and 50 volunteer staff.

Stephanie came to our house and spent the last few days in Kamogawa. She is a vegetarian (she eats some fish sometimes) so she really enjoyed the food we served as we cook almost everything fresh from our own organic garden. She says living our way (sustainably and organically) is the good way to tackle globalization (which is the theme of Life and Debt).

Her film is outstanding as it reveals what the IMF, the World Bank and their Structual Adjustment Policy really does to the 3rd world countries and their people.

This film says so much.

You can buy the DVD for 3,800 yen in Japan at UPLINK, or at any of the sites listed on

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