Wednesday, July 11, 2007

♪ ‘Ancient Futures’ here today:An Interview with Helena Norberg-Hodge ♪ - 33 min 24 sec - 7.7 MB

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The interview is in English and Japanese.

Helena Norberg-Hodge visited the Harmonics Life Center, our 200 years old farm house and organic farm in Kamogawa, and spent two nights with us after the 4th Tokyo Peace Film Festival where her film Ancient Futures was shown. Helena was amazed at how our small rice paddy and garden could provide so much food and such rich meals for us on a daily basis.

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Her book Ancient Futures has been translated into over 40 languages around the world (actually closer to 50 she thinks) and in Korea it has recently become a best seller, with more than 300,000 copies sold. She left for Korea today and will then go onto Ladakh after that.

Please listen to the podcast so you can learn what she has to say about globalization and localization. I am of course fond of localization and what it could do to change our society for the better. The interview is in English and Japanese.

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P.K. Willey said...

A very relevant Q and A with Helena Norberg Hodge, which points to the only solutions left to us now, to get out heads out of the systems that educate us into insecurity and greed, and to rebuild community, and thereby our planet and ourselves.
Its nice to know this is going on in Japan, I wonder how it is now, after Fukushima.