Monday, March 17, 2008

Japanese MP Yukihisa Fujita Speaking at Oz 2008 911 Truth Conference

Now, you can watch what Mr. Fujita said at the Oz 2008 Truth Now Tour Conference held in Sydney Australia on March 15th and 16th. He spoke on both days, this video being from March 15th. Mr Fujita has become the conscience of the parliamentarians of the world now. I hope more politicians can follow him to light the 911 truth which is still in the dark.

For readers with bandwidth limits, click here to listen to just the audio of his presentation. (MP3 format, 6 MB)

The following comments are from my friend Chihaya, who attended all three days of the conference:

Hello everybody,

I got back from the Sydney conference today.
The conference was fantastic.
Dr. Bob Bowman was really powerful!!
Dave vonKleist was so funny.

Great to see an Aussie scientist(chemist, Dr. Frank Legge who worked for the Department of Agriculture for years) and engineer (David Leifer from Sydney University) saying the official story is just "impossible."

Too many stories to tell and write but I'm simply extremely TIRED (have been limping a bit) and need to get some rest.

John Bursill the organizer kindly gave me five minutes on Friday night to sing "George the Killer" and my new song "September 11th was an Inside Job!" People there loved it! Also, John asked me to join the forum on activism on Sunday. It was my great pleasure to tell the crowd what they can do in daily life to spread the truth.

Also when I sang my song to Ian Woods of Global Outlook and Adam of on Sunday night privately, Ian was moved to TEARS!!

One more thing... I was glad that they invited Ed Griffin. He saw my passion for some reason and encouraged me to join his group.

When I questioned the panel on "how to wake up super pathetic peace activists," I noticed that he was looking at me very intensely. It was kinda scary... Anyhow, he seems to have a lot to tell. Will be interesting to learn more about what he said in his lecture, depending on my time and energy... I think for some his talk could have been way too much to absorb.

I found some truthers, including an 'expert' as well as a truther from LA, that had the same view as mine when we talked about that Global Warming Swindle.

It was really unfortunate that somebody PINCHED the last copy of "Children of the Gulf War" by Takashi Morizumi. It was my personal copy that I had on a table for people to take a look at. That was really disappointing. I hope whoever took it will show it around to as many people as possible.

One last thing, Bob Bowman praised that book "Shell Game" though we'd better wait for the second edition that will include Bob's corrections.



You can also check out this story that was posted directly after his speech on, a very good alternative news source.

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