Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Alex Jones Interviews Yukihasa Fujita

Mr. Fujita's JPG

In an outstanding 15 minute interview yesterday on the Alex Jones Show, Mr. Yukihisa Fujita suggested that a new investigation into the events of Sept. 11th, 2001 needs to be carried out, perhaps this time by the United Nations. He said that some other European parliamentarians feel the same way as himself.

Slowly but surely, people from all walks of life are realizing that the official story just does not add up. Later on in yesterdays interview Mr. Fujita ironically stated that the internet was an invention by the military, but now citizens are making the best use of it to learn the truth, implying that the military itself was involved in the events of 911.

Until the age of the internet, such crimes could remain hidden, but no longer...

Today here in Japan Mr. Fujita is currently reporting to his party about his recent experiences and research on the 911 coverup in Europe and Australia.

Mr. Fujita is a courageous individual and an inspiration for us all! I urge you to follow his lead and learn for yourself and then spread the word, “911 was an inside job!“, as many are now saying.

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Daniela said...

If only Japan could have more politicians like him!

There are so many issues that have to be put forward, like the safety of tap water, food and drugs. I am not familiar with the Japanese institutions but I hope there is less corruption than in USA's FDA and gvt. For reference read Mike Adam's www.naturalnews.com
and http://www.naturalnews.com/021872.html

I've seen Japan growing weaker and negatively influenced by the American trend. Youth and people in general are not interested in taking into their hand their destinies. They prefer to stay away from politics, believing the government watches over their safety.