Sunday, September 21, 2008

Peace Week in Kunitachi: Peace Not War Japan


For all my readers living near Tokyo, I hope you will be able to attend this big four day peace music event in Kunitachi!

More music, more peace! More singing, less shooting!

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

4-Day Peace Concert Series@Chikyuya Live House - Kunitachi, Tokyo

Come out and enjoy some fantastic music while also supporting artists and organizations who are working for peace!

Dates: September 25th-28th

Times: 8PM nightly (Doors open at 7:30 PM)

※ Please be aware that time schedule may vary slightly.

☆ Fee: 2000 yen/night (includes donation to grassroots peace groups)

☆Concert schedule:

September 25th (Thursday) 

☆ Remarks from Peace Not War Japan (8 PM)

Arakajime Kimerareta Koibitotachi e (8:15 PM ~ )
※ An electronica/dub solo unit comprising Ikenaga Shouji, AKK (in Japanese, "Pre-determined lovers") can be found around town featuring lyrical-style pieces, remixing, cinematography, and other unique onstage techniques. (Japanese only) (J/E)


※ A reggae singer who hails straight from Kunitachi, Likkle Mai appeared on PNWJ's charity CD as the lead singer of the group Dry and Heavy. Don't miss this chance to catch her live and backed by her current full band! (Japanese only) (J/E)

September 26th (Friday)

☆ Remarks from Peace Not War Japan (8 PM)

Ben Kemp & Uminari (8:30 PM ~ )
※ An organic fusion band featuring vocals, guitar, electric flute, cajón and fretless bass, the group features Ben's Polynesian inspired ethereal voice and poetic lyrics combined with Uminari's Japanese-inspired arrangements. The overall effect is a soulful, acoustic sound that is both soothing and haunting. (J) (E)

Ishikawa Michihisa Session (9:30 PM ~ )
※ A jazzy unit featuring Ishikawa Michihisa from the well-respectedgroup Ska Flames, this collection of artists will intrigue fans of early reggae, ska, and rocksteady.

Jintaramuta (10:30 PM ~ )
※ A fusion unit blending chindon and jinta (Japanese traveling street protest music from the Meiji era) together with elements of modern jazz, Jintaramuta is a spinoff unit from the internationally acclaimed group Cicala-Mvta fronted by multi-instrumental artist Ohkuma Wataru, together with other talented musicians. A must-see! (J) (E)


Takada Akiko (10:30 PM ~ )
※ One of Japan's most foremost belly dancers, Takada Akiko will appear together onstage with Jintaramuta. (Japanese only)

September 27th (Saturday)

☆ Remarks from Peace Not War Japan (8 PM)

Choukarou Baraku 7 (8:15 PM ~ )
※ A popular rakugo (traditional storytelling) artist whose roots in the trade may be traced back seven generations to the Edo era. Will appear together with his disciple, female rakugo artist Choukarou Miraku. (Japanese only)

Kotobuki (9:45 PM ~ )

※ An energetic duo whose gorgeous piece "Shalom, Sala'am" appeared on the PNWJ CD, Kotobuki has been performing Ryukyu-inspired music and other acoustic pieces at live houses and peace events around the country for more than 20 years. (Japanese only)

September 28th (Sunday)

☆ Remarks from Peace Not War Japan (8 PM)

YOSHIE (8:20 PM ~ )
※ Dynamic belly dancer who regularly shares the stage with numerous artists in a variety of genres.

Ailie (8:40 PM ~ )
※ Accomplished reggae/Japanese roots with an inspiring message of love and natural living. (Japanese only) (J/E)

Philip Woo Band (9:40 PM ~ )
※ Multi-genre unit with hints of funk, soul, jazz and rock fronted by Philip Woo, a pianist, multi-keyboardist, bandleader, producer and composer who hails from New York City and is now based in Tokyo. (Japanese only)

☆ Nigayomogi (10:30 PM ~ )

※ Reggae band led by Kunitachi-based soulful vocalist Nakahara Chuu.

☆A portion of funds raised during the performances will be donated to the following grassroots peace organizations:

Collateral Repair Project
International group working to help Iraqi refugees

Kunitachi Peace Week
Yearly event bringing all sorts of peace events to the streets of Kunitachi! (Japanese only)

Stop Rokkasho
Citizens working to oppose the Aomori nuclear fuel reprocessing plant

Yanbaru Takae: Association to Protect the Broccoli Forest
Local movement to stop U.S. military construction in Okinawa's Yanbaru region (J) (E)

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆


☆ Map to venue: (Japanese only)

☆ Artist CDs and other goods will be for sale each night.
☆ Please refrain from smoking inside.

Event organizer: Peace Not War Japan
Thank you in advance for your support! Please tell your friends!

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