Saturday, September 10, 2011

If it Really Safe for Children to Live in Fukushima?

Scientists from IAEA, WHO, ICPR are coming to Fukushima and hold International Conference: 9/11 Symposium on Radiation and Health Risks.

But this conference is getting a challenge and critisizm of people of Fukushima.

Fukusima Citizens Challenge 9/11 Symposium on Radiation and Health Risks

On Sept. 11-12, 30 radiation and health experts from 14 countries will gather in Fukushima Prefecture for a Nippon Foundation-sponsored symposium on the health risks faced by Fukushima residents. But the symposium has drawn fire from local residents who note Fukushima citizens will not be allowed to directly attend the proceedings, which are ostensibly being held for their benefit.

Critics of the symposium are concerned about the Japanese participants, who have already indicated the primary purpose of the symposium is to conclude Fukushima is safe. They charge the symposium is merely an attempt by the nuclear power lobby to cover themselves with a fig leaf of international respectability rather than an open and objective scientific debate about the issues. The three speakers oppose the symposium, charging it will make a collective scientific evaluation on health risks faced by people living in Fukushima without any first-hand knowledge of Fukushima citizens, and without civil
society findings.

Fukushima-based Seiichi Natate and Wataru Iwata will address the voices of Fukushima citizens, their efforts to reduce radiation exposure, and the open letter of inquiry being sent to the organizing committee for the International Expert Symposium in Fukushima (September 11th-12th.)

Tokyo-based Kazumasa Aoki will present findings on radiation his organization has conducted including Fukushima children's urine, while Kyoto-based Aileen Mioko Smith will comment on her efforts to appeal to the UN on behalf of the Fukushima victims.

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