Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Invitation to Big Island NVC Retreat

After I posted the first draft a few days ago, I got support from my NVC friends and came up with the following. It met my needs for support and clarity. I now think it is ready to go out to the world.

Please share the following if you feel like:

Sharing NVC from the Inside Out

Nurture Ourselves, Inspire Others and Impact Our Communities

An NVC Retreat in Kona, Hawaii with CNVC Certified Trainer François Beausoleil

Feb 2-5, 2012 at Harmonics Life Hawaii (Yumi and Gen’s house)

How motivated are you to share NVC when you’re drained? Often times, just living NVC is hard when our energy is low or when we feel some emptiness inside. And when we feel lonely, it might be even harder.

Now, how does it feel to share (or live) NVC when it springs naturally out of us? When you almost can not contain it? How do people around you react when you talk about NVC from that place, with that energy?

Yes. Inspired, often magnetized.

This retreat will be focused on nurturing the fire inside, as well as offering ways to increase your ability to be of service and have an impact on your communities.

How to share NVC from the inside out
Nurture Ourselves, Inspire Others and Impact Our Communities

In this 4-day retreat you'll:

· Nurture yourself through healthy food, whale-watching, writing NVC-related poetry, and song lyrics. This will provide a solid foundation of wellbeing and inspiration for you to tap in over and over.

· Strengthen your body and spirit with optional private health consultations with Gen & Yumi, who have many years of experience in applying eastern medicine and practices to supporting individual well-being

· Experience healing around what might slow you down in terms of sharing NVC; this will set you up for moving forward doing what you love with greater strength and speed.

· Learn how to create a nurturing circle of intimacy around you, so you can maintain the fire burning inside all year long.

· Learn the golden rules of how to market your NVC offer.

· Learn the main keys to sharing NVC and being sustainable, saving you time and energy as you design your strategies to share NVC.

François Beausoleil,
MBA, Certified Trainer, Center for Nonviolent Communication
Executive Stamina Certified Trainer

To register, send an e-mail to rawinfo@harmonicslife.net with “NVC Retreat Hawaii” in the subject, no later than January 20, 2012. In the email, please provide your name, address, phone number, and your prior experience with NVC.

Required minimum participants: 8 (max: 16)

Fees: there are 3 parts: tuition, meals and accommodation
*We accept payment plan. Please consult with Yumi

• Tuition: $600($500 for early birds:if booked by the end of 2011)

• Meals and drinks: $100 (for all the meals at HLH during the 4 days retreat)
(Breakfast fruits, lunch and dinner are mostly vegetarian with some fish or meat. One traditional Hawaiian meal, with organic/wild pork, will be served during the retreat. Other meal options are available with advance request and possibly additional costs)

• Accommodation: Accommodations are arranged separately.
We recommend the Kona Islander Inn ($60-80/night). Book early for the best rate.
*Note we can host up to two people in our home ($20/night requested). This option is available in order of request.

Pls. send a check payable to Gen Morita to the address below for tuition and meals.
Gen Morita/Hamonics Life Hawaii:
75-286 Hoene Place, Kailua Kona, HI96740
T/F:808-334-9616 rawinfo@harmonicslife.net (Yumi and Gen)

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