Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Poem for 12-11-2012, A Special Day for Celebration and Appreciation

Barbara, a friend of mine in the Big Island of Hawaii sent me the poem below by RUMI this morning and I would like to share it with you as it is inspiring.

Yesterday, we had a family celebration for having each other, food on the table, roof on our head, and honest, open, intimate relationship like we have.  

We had a young women from Japan in our house for a month and it has become a bit of stress as she practices a mediation with vocal mantra day and night.   I asked her if she could meditate silently, but she said no and kept doing it as she wished. Because of her presence, my children's sleep was getting affected and they were unhappy. 

Our house is open for people who want to learn Harmonics Healing and sustainable living. It is not a hotel nor B&B, it is a learning center. But she has not been taking our classes and kept practicing her own mediation daily. 

So we finally asked her to leave (she was supposed to leave last month, but it has been delayed because her god told her to stay).  

She left yesterday and we celebrated that. My children were so relieved because they felt uneasy being with her.  

As she left, she told us her god said no need to pay for her stay and she did not.  What kind of god is that?, I thought. 

But I am so glad she left as I could sleep so deeply last night.  I did not realize how stressful it was for me to have her in our house for a month.

  1. Her words and deeds reminded me of Jiddu Krishnamurti on the Belief in God : A man who believes in God can never find God. If you are open to reality, there can be no belief in reality.
  2. How does this sound to you?
  3. ------a poem my friend Barbara sent me: 

    From: Awakening Women <>
    Amazing one,
    We live in a time the prophets have spoken about for eons,
    it is the end of 2012.

    This is not a time to ask "what will happen to me/us?"
    This is a time to fully commit to the wisdom of your wide-open heart.
    Not to wait for it all to change, or for him/her to change,
    but to take stand for love, no matter what.

    People and life will continue to throw challenges your way,
    that is out of your hands.
    But what is in your power, at any given moment,
    is to choose to not hook into it all.
    To choose to stay in love.

    We are called to grow up now
    from the outdated games of entanglement,
    we are called to stand clear and free in our own spiritual authority.
    Drop your heavy baggage of resentment and clever reasons,
    the only one who suffers from it is you.

    In the willingness to just for once stay here,
    feeling, hearing, seeing, opening in real curiosity
    to the miracle of being able to perceive at all,
    all of the "stuff" drop away.
    It is up to you to pick it up again.
    Or not.

    Find your peace.
    You have prepared for this time.

    Make everything in you an ear, each atom of your being,
    and you will hear at every moment
    what the source is whispering to you . . .
    You are, we all are, the beloved of the beloved.

    And in every moment,
    in every event of your life,
    the beloved is whispering to you
    exactly what you need to know.
    Who can ever explain this miracle
    It simply is. 


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