Tuesday, May 14, 2013

My first NVC Workshop for Social Change@Island Naturals Kona, Hawaii on May 24, 5pm

Aloha. Some of you know I have been passionately learning and practicing NVC (Non Violent Communication).  At the end of this month, I will be going to Bay Area to share NVC and also to participate Bay NVC Leadership Program 2013.  I am really looking forward to reconnecting with NVC community members.

Here is the event Andrea, Gen and I are going to offer to the community of Hawaii who are wanting social change.  The next day on May 25 is a big day to raise awareness and voice on GMO food (I want to eat healthy and food choice is important for me).  Here on this island, there is a bill 79 to limit GMO and I support that.

This workshop is for those who want to create social change through effective communication.  We have been spending a lot of time to prepare the workshop. It is going to be valuable for community activists and concerned people for environment and food safety.

Here is the flyer.  Please bring your friends on May 24, 5pm@Island Naturals, Kaiwi Street, Upstairs
in Kona.  It is free(donations are welcome).

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