Friday, December 06, 2013

Nelson Mandela, Thank you for your inspiration

Nelson Mandela passed at the age of 95 in South Africa.  He has been my hero.  As I did not have a chance to express my appreciation to him directly,  I am writing my appreciation here.

He taught me not to give up.  Forgiveness is not losing your power.  I am now going through tough situation in my life, but thinking of the life of Nelson Mandela gives me hope and courage.

Fukushima Kids Hawaii is now inviting 8 people (7 kids and 1 chaperon) to Kona for 2 weeks of respite from their radioactive environment.  They can enhance their health by eating fresh organic food (not with radiation) and playing outside without worrying about radiation freely.

At the moment, we do not have enough funding to support what we are trying to do.  If you are in Japan and would like to support Fukushima Kids Hawaii, please donate to the account below:

Postal  Transfer Account: 00150-4-728960 Fukushima Kids Hawaii
(below is in Japanese. You can show this to a post office clerk)
郵便振替口座  口座番号 00150−4−728960  

Nelson Mandera said, "It's always darkest before dawn".

I will remember his words when I need to deal with tough situation.

Thank you, Nelson Mandera for being my inspiration.  I have been able to continue all I have done thanks to your words and who you are.

Arigato  Arigato.

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