Sunday, April 03, 2005

Invitation to the 2005 Tokyo Peace Film Festival

Anyone reading this in and around Tokyo is invited to join us for the 2nd Tokyo Peace Film Festival (TPFF) on April 16 at the Main Hall of National Olympic Memorial Youth Center in Yoyogi, Tokyo. The nearest station is Sangubashi on the Odakyu line, a 5 minute ride from Shinjuku. Please visit our site to learn more(currently it is only in Japanese):

TPFF was initiated by myself and a few friends. We seek alternatives to war as a way to solve conflicts. We have self financed the event and tickets (@2,500 yen) can be bought from any Ticket PIA outlet or simply send me an e-mail with your address and phone number: You can send money to us from any Post Office by Yubin Furikae, to the account of: Tokyo Heiwa Eigasai 00140-7-648099. Please write your name and address and the number of tickets you want to purchase.

There are 6 films that will be shown on April 16. Each 2500 yen ticket entitles you to see all 6 films. If you buy 5 tickets you can get five for 10,000 yen, (2,000 yen per person).

The event runs from 10am till 9pm. Some of the films are in English, as noted below.

1. From The Land of Bitter Tears Director: Tomoko Kana

2. The War Which Was Untaught: By Okinawa Director: Jin Takaiwa

Mini concert and lunch (with the directors if you apply in advance)

3. Secret Government - The Crisis of The Constitution (In English)

4. 911 In Plane Site (Some parts in English) Director of Japanese Version: Gen Morita

5. Abon - A Small House (In English) Director: Koji Imaizumi

6. Amandla! (In English) Director: Lee Harsh

Lee Hirsch, the director of Amandla! is coming to Japan from the US expecially for the TPFF and you can even have a lunch with him or the other participating directors. Simply let me know who you want to have lunch with. Up to 10 people for each director, by appointment only. Lunch is 1,500 yen

Lee Hirsch GIF

Lee Hirsch, Director of Amandla!
Looking forward to seeing you on April 16!

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