Saturday, April 23, 2005

Medicine Wheel Workshop

We will have a workshop from Apr 27 to 29 at the Harmonics Life Center (Kamogawa, Chiba) on the American Indian Medicine Wheel. It will be taught by Daniel Stone Sitting Darby. His profile is at the end of this page. For details and reservations, call Yumi or Gen at the Harmonics Life Center: Tel:04-7097-1011 or send an e-mail to
*Places are limited on a "first come, first served" basis.

What is the Medicine Wheel?

This class will give you the experience of using the Native American Medicine Wheel as a tool in your Daily life, as a tool for answering questions, a tool for experiencing sacred spaces, a place to find peace and harmony anywhere. This is a tradition and a practice that has been used by Native Americans for tens of thousands of years. It is a way of life, a philosophy of life and a way to live life day by day.

Process 1: Over view of Medicine Wheel and all of its different lodges.
Process 2: Learn the Children’s Fire and Men’s Lodge
Process 3: Learn the Peace Chief Lodge and War Chief Lodge
Process 4: Learn the Singer, Medium, &Storytellers Lodge and Women Lodge
Process 5: Learn the Council Lodge and Hunting & Gathering Lodge
Process 6: Learn the Dog Soldiers Lodge and How to setup a Medicine Wheel
Process 7: Learn the Path of Inquiry & to use the Wheel to find Balance in your
Process 8: Learn to Walk and Pray withthe Medicine Wheel and more...


The Reverend Daniel Darby has a 20 year history of studying, practicing and teaching various Ceremonies. These studies include Christian, Tibetan, Egyptian and Celtic, as well as Native American practices. He has been a Ceremonialist and Shaman for the last 15 years.

Daniel is an ordained Minister trained at the Healing Light Center Church, as a “hands-on” healer, hypnotherapist, and as a Cherokee Indian Shaman who is walking his path, a Community Pipe carrier. He also runs his own computer business.

If you are interested in a man who is more at home with a headband, T-shirt and Levis than a minister’s collar, you may be interested in this man. He also has an easy going manner, an open heart and a piercing gaze. Helping people find a path to spirit is one of his primary jobs. So if you are searching for spirit that is not in a bottle, come and join us.

A Prayer to the Great Spirit:

I am Grateful to Give
I am Grateful to Do
I am Grateful to Serve
I will go On

My Spirit is Soaring
My Work is Clear
My Joy Overwhelming
Great Spirit has received me

I feel Security in what You will Learn
The Teaching will Dance in You
The Wheel has Revealed its Heart
All Children are Complete
heye hoh

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