Saturday, March 25, 2006

Alex Jones Interviewed on CNN ShowBiz Tonight!

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Alex Jones

Unprecedented as it may seem, Alex Jones, the controversial American documentary film producer, journalist and radio and television host from Austin, Texas, who is best known for his radio show and web page Prison Planet, has just been interviewed by A. J. Hammer on CNN Showbiz Tonight.

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It is a very fast paced interview and Alex manages to cover a lot of areas that I sure hope will get people thinking and questioning... Read a transcript of the interview here, watch the interview here! But don’t stop reading, there is more!

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Charlie Sheen

For the second time in two days, Charlie Sheen was interviewed by Alex Jones on his Prison Planet radio show. The interview was very powerful and did not cut any slack to anyone. You MUST listen to it here You can also download it from here. (2.6 MB - 23min). This is a milestone of an interview because it is the first time such a high profile person as Charlie is speaking out against the official 911 story... The interview covers many of the highly questionable areas of Sept. 11th, including the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7, the many reports of bombs going off and more! Charlie is asking his critics to challenge him on the facts, which until now, no one has done.

If you have friends that are not aware of the various discrepancies in the official 911 story, you might introduce them to this Prison Planet story titled, “Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story.“ It is definitely a good read!

I should mention that Charlie is the son of Martin Sheen, the Emmy award winning actor who plays the role of the President, in the NBC TV drama, The West Wing. Martin has been arrested over 63 times for protesting against issues such as United States military actions. I have had the pleasure of meeting him on several occasions.

Martin and Yumi JPG

Martin Sheen and Yumi

Anyway, kudos to Charlie and Alex! Yes, KUDOS, KUDOS!! (And of course kudos to the many others that have been saying the same things for these last few years.)

Let’s put an end to the military madness we are engulfed in! Let us all work towards Global Peace!

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