Saturday, March 25, 2006

CNN Covers 911 Unanswered Questions... Finally!!


On March 22th, the CNN program ShowBiz Tonight devoted a full ten minute segment to the unanswered questions of September 11th!

Charlie Sheen of the successful primtime CBS Sitcom, Two and a Half Men, makes stunning statements on September 11th. Charlie believes that airplanes did not take down the twin towers! Wow! This is really something for CNN to be broadcasting such controversial material!

You can view the segment here or here (26MB - Broadband recommended).

To listen to the interview between Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen that sparked the CNN interview, click here (39mins - 9MB).

Currently you can vote in the following CNN survey : Do you agree with Charlie Sheen that the U.S. government covered up the real events of the 9/11 attacks? on this page! Please vote and let your voice be heard!


Ministry of Truth said...

Greetings from italy :)

Yumi Kikuchi said...

yes, yes, yes, finally. I hope Americans are waking up this time! We can help them before they destory and pollute the whole planet with DU dust.


Ministry of Truth said...

Well said! :)
Take a look to the website 911blogger, they are posting the last important news about the argument, and it seems that even tonight there will be as guest... Alex Jones.
It never happened in all these years that he could receive a fair treatment in mainstream media, and now for 2 days in a row!
Maybe the elite decided to let off Georgie Bush.... if that is the case, we must be sure because the real battle still has to begin.
I have heard that in Japan 911 truth is going pretty well, can u confirm that?
Some say that they screened the documentary "911 eyewitness" in public places; I know for sure, tho, that the great filmaker Takeshi Kitano did an hit piece on 911 truth.
I have downloaded it but it isnt subtitled, so I hardly could understand something.
Take care :)

Ministry of Truth said...

Allright. I have read all your archived posts, and I have found good informations about 911 and japan.
Thank you, u're simply great!
I colaborate with the most known italian website for 911 truth, and I update regularly a section in which I post how 911 is going in other countries. Do u have other japanese sources, but written in english as this one, where I can search for informations?
Thanks in advance, I'll check for your reply given that your blog is among my favourites now.
Take care again :)

Julie O'Neil/Werner Grundl said...

You turned me on to blogging and now I still have to look for your blog to stay focused on what is happening from your perspective. I did the poll on the CNN story 82% believe, they were fed the lie about 9/11. May be change will happen.