Monday, February 26, 2007

Dennis Kucinich February 17, 2002 - A Prayer For America!

Check out this video of Dennis Kucinich delivering his now famous Prayer for America speech to the Southern California chapter of Americans for Democratic Action. The lady who introduces Dennis is Lyla (I am not sure how to spell her name), who was his campaign co-ordinator in Southern California. I happened to meet her the night we came back from Costa Rica at an evening event with Jeff Cohen and Scott Ritter.

Jeff talked in detail about how media is manipulated. He was a director (or producer) of the Dona Hugh show just before Iraq war when MSNBS discontinued the show even though it was a very popular program. He said, "what is the good news is the rising of alternative media including thousands of blogs!"

Jeff Cohen JPG

Jeff Cohen, who is in Panama Deception section of "What I've Leaned about the US Foreign Policy"

Scott Ritter WAS a strong patriotic Republican who voted for Bush. However he carried out his inspections for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, found none, and told the Bush administration that Iraq was not threat to the USA and thus should not attack Iraq. But Bush went ahead and attacked... So Scott stopped being a Republican... Read this story here from the BBC news...

These days Scott is saying, 'The US must get out of Iraq now!'

Scott Ritter JPG

Scott Ritter, signing his book after the talk he gave at Unitarian Universalist Church in Santa Monica, LA on Feb 21, 2007 - Scott has written many books on the deceitful coverup that is going on in the US. Check out his books on Amazon.

Scott Ritter loves America and he thinks that real Americans should stand up for the Constitution. He doesn't care for the left or right, nor democrats or republicans. What he cares about is the situation America is in right now with their true values being ripped off.

He sounds good to me except when he said, "I am a killer machine and I have no problem with killing dozens of people" (if that means defending my country... I have added this, as I think that is what he meant...)

I have never been a soldier myself nor killed people in this life time, so I can not really know what goes on in a solder's mind when he kills people. I know it will break my heart even if I have to do so to defend my loved ones. It would haunt me forever.

But when I look at what is happening today in Iraq or Afghanistan, I am killing people in a way by allowing these lies of the "War on Terrorism" to continue. By allowing this illegal and unnecessary war to continue we have been condoning the killing that is going on there!

I am responsible and I am sorry. Yes, it breaks my heart and I grieve for the loss of each precious life. A baby, a child, a girl, a boy, a woman, a man, a mother or a father, who was born to do what he/she was supposed to do and his/her life was taken before he/she fulfills their dream or mission, who all came from a mothers' womb through the pain and bliss of giving birth. I am so sorry and sad.

'A Prayer for America' by Dennis Kucinich is now my prayer for America. I really pray that the USA and Japan will walk together in peace by creating peace both within their countries and outside of them too. I chose to live in peace and I commit myself to do the best I can to create peace in and around me.

The important thing is that peace starts with me AND you.

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