Wednesday, February 07, 2007

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I am in Washington DC, the capital of US as I write this, waiting for a taxi to the airport to catch a flight to Costa Rica via Miami at 6am. I guess I will stay up all night and wait for the taxi now that it is already 1am.

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Dennis Kucinich and his wife Elizabeth at the House of Representatives

It's been an amazing experience to participate one of the most exciting and wonderful thing happening in the USA for peace. Imagine Department of Peace is in the USA and in Japan and in every country. Imagine that we do not need to use violence to solve our problems and conflicts.

Enough blood and tears has been shed throughout the world and it is time for us to use totally different approach to solve problems and conflicts.

Dennis Kucinich & Yumi JPG

Interviewing Dennis Kucinich on February 6th

I had the great honor to meet with the Congressman Kucinich and was able to interview him at his office today. He told me Japan has to hold on to Article 9 of our Peace Constitution as it is Japan‘s gift to the world.

Please listen to Ohio congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich. We have a lot of work to do to make peace a priority in every community and country. I have decided to become a Visionary member of the Peace Alliance, which means I will donate $1000 or more to the Peace Alliance until the bill to make a Department of Peace becomes law.

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Julie O'Neil/Werner Grundl said...

Great work, Yumi. We just listened to your interview with Dennis Kucinich. He is right, be strong in your heart about peace.