Tuesday, March 13, 2007

BBC Backs Up William Rodriguez...

William Rodriguez was the last man to escape from the World Trade Center before it collapsed.

In October last year William visited Japan to testify at our 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo. (Listen to his testimony at the Japanese 911 Truth conference here)

He claimed that there were bombs placed in the lower sections of the twin towers and that even before the first plane hit, a bomb exploded in the basement, not far from where he was working. Because of his intimate knowledge of the World Trade Center and his valiant efforts to help with the evacuation of the building he was asked to testify for the official 911 Commission. But his testimony was omitted from the final 911 Commission Report...

I have just come across a news report on the BBC that also mentions explosions in the lower sections of the buildings, significantly distant from the impact points of the jets. Steven Evans, a BBC reporter was in one of the towers when ‘the first explosion’ occurred. Later, as he was being interviewed the first tower collapses in the background.

Why is it that the government and media have failed to look into any of the reports of explosions? Why did they omit the testimony of William Rodriguez from their official report?

I can only conclude that they have something incriminating to hide. If they were not hiding something, they would openly address the explosions. Admitting that explosions took place would mean that the ‘official‘ story was not complete, and this would in turn imply that it was not just jets that caused the buildings to collapse.

Someone placed bombs in the World Trade Center buildings and it was not Osama Bin Ladin!

You should also watch the video below from YouTube that documents many of the explosions that occurred before the buildings collapsed. It includes a moving speech by William Rodriguez...

Finally here is another eyewitness account of bombs going off in the basement of the World Trade Center.

You can read more about William Rodriguez here.

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