Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Letter to Michael Moore

I wrote a letter to Michael Moore after reading/watching his interview here.

Dear Michael Moore,

I am a Japanese author/journalist who is interested in knowing what has really happened on September 11, 2001. Like you, I am curious to see what is in the Pentagon surveillance films which has not been released until today, which should show Flight 77 crashing into Pentagon on that day. No one has seen it yet and I would like to know why.

If it was really hit by Flight 77 as US government claims, it should be in the film and they should be happy to show it to all of us to end the argument about 911. Too many theories and I do not know which one to believe.

So, I really support your question to the government and I hope you can get the footage of the actual crash of Boeing 757 (Flight 77) released somehow.

Keep me posted on your learnings on what really hit the Pentagon. Photographs and film footage I have seen so far doesn't confirm it was really flight 77, rather, it looks something much smaller than that.

I wrote about your recent comment and interview on this in my English and Japanese blog.

Yumi Kikuchi

Global Peace Campaign (English) http://english.globalpeace.jp
Yumi's English Blog http://yumikikuchi.blogspot.com

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