Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Kucinich Sweeps California Democratic Convention Party

Check out this fabulous speech by Dennis Kucinich speaking to the California Democratic Party's 2007 State Convention in San Diego, April 28, 2007.

Kucinich is without question, the man who should be President in 2008!

The fact that Kucinich hardly gets any coverage in the US mainstream media really shows that the media is no longer giving fair coverage to all candidates and issues.

Check out a review of his speech on The After Downing Street homepage!

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Anonymous said...

I was there and saw the reaction of the delegates. Kucinich was the most popular candidate at the convention.

In addition to being the most popular candidate on the floor, Kucinich was the most often mention candidate in committee hearings. He blew away the Native American caucus when he spoke there. Kucinich will be the next President.