Thursday, May 31, 2007

Team GOGO!


Something positive and revolutionary is about to happen here in Japan. There is a marvelous new positive action group called TEAM GOGO that is beginning to make big waves across the country.

TEAM GOGO was initiated by Tentsukuman (literally, a man who creates heaven) and Ryuichi Nakamura. They want to stop global warming, the radioactive pollution that will soon spread across Japan once the Rokkasho reprocessing plant in northern Japan becomes fully operational, and of course, they want to end all war.

They suggest that by changing just a few small things in our lives we can make such changes a reality! For example, instead of depositing money in multinational banks we should create and use local peoples’ banks... We should try to eat as much locally grown food as possible. We should choose energy saving electric appliances. grow our own food where possible, and use candles for romantic dinners and so on... They have many more wonderful ideas. If enough people were to adopt them, the effect on our planet would be enormous.

To spread the word about these changes that need to take place and the actions each of us can do, TEAM GOGO will distribute their GOGA newspaper to every home in Japan. The distribution will take place between June 10th and June 22nd.

To coordinate the distribution of the newspaper in all the cities, towns and villages across Japan, we need 1,800 Rainbow Angels. If you live in Japan, would you join us and become a Rainbow Angel or Rainbow Angel Supporter?

Even if you don’t speak Japanese you can help! TEAM GOGO has English speaking staff and will be happy to put you in touch people in your area that you can work with. Here is the email address you should use: Please include your name and address. If you can speak Japanese, let us know, as that would be advantageous!

If you cannot help us with the actual distribution of the newspaper, you can also help by donating to TEAM GOGO. We require 20 million yen to print the newspaper and to distribute it to all the families in Japan (49 million families). We are working hard to raise the required money and your contribution would be greatly appreciated!

Candle Night JPG

If you live in Japan you can send a donation from your local post office by Yubin Furikae money transfer. Here are the details you need to include.

Account number: 01670-5-75050

Thanks for in advance for your support and involvement. Together, let's make this miracle happen.

The TEAM GOGO homepage can be viewed here. Unfortunately, there is no English page available at this time.

By the way, on the 22nd, there will be a Candle Night Summer Solstice, when we hope one million people in Japan will turn off their electric lights for two hours from 8 to 10 PM and just use candles for their illumination. Check out the Candle Night English homepage here:

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