Sunday, November 11, 2007

Loose Change Final Cut finally Released!

I have been hearing a good things about this latest film those 3 young American men made: Loose Change Final Cut and it is going to be released today. As I am in Japan, it should be available tommorrow, but as soon as it is release, I mean to put it up online, so check it out. The DVD is already for sale on the Alex Jones Infowars store.

This is a must see for everyone who lives on this planet and who wants to know the truth about 911 and wars going on today.

I am on the way to Nara park to attend and speak at Niji no Matsuri, A Rainbow Festival:


Anonymous said...

I show this video to friends and family and they walk away amazed.

Yumi Kikuchi said...

It was same for me while ago, but now, they want to know more about it and they come to me. It is matter of time, do not worry.