Thursday, January 03, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hope some of you are from Canada as I just did an interview with Vancouver Co-op Radio this morning (it will be aired on Monday, Jan 7). I will post the URL once I know it.

So, how are you and what you would like to do in 2008?

I am in the middle of getting rid of my clutter and renovating our 200 year-old house. My intention is to finish this big task and to remodel our barn into our guest house.

I would love to publish two new books, write 100 Japanese and 50 English blogs, 50 Japanese mail magazines, translate two documentary English films into Japanese, and give 100 lectures. (it is about the same amount of work as I tackled last year)

I also would like to attend the 4th global summit for Ministries and Departments of Peace that will be held in Sydney, Australia in Sept, 2008. I will be attending the Article 9 World Conference in May.

It will be another eventful year and I am here to make this planet more peaceful and sustainable place for every one of us and to serve humanity. God and goddess of the universe, please use me as your tool.

Let me hear from you on your New Year's resolution.

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GGooDie said...

Thank You for this post my friend and I wish Mr. Yukihisa Fujita infinite thanks for someone within a political party standing up and making a difference.

Infinite thanks again and continue to spread the truth!