Wednesday, January 09, 2008

♪ Interview with Alfred Weber on Vancouver Coop Radio ♪ - 50 min 59 sec - 11.8 MB

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I had a wonderful and fun conversation with Alfred Webre early in the morning of January 3, 2008 at our home, The Harmonics Life Center, just before coming to Kona, Hawaii, where I am writing this. I shared with him the major changes that have occurred in my life, from being a corporate bond trader to an environmentalist, and now a peace and environmental activist, living at 200 year old farm house growing rice and vegetables.

I enjoy my life in the mountains surrounding Kamogawa, which is fishing and agricultural village, endeavoring to live a sustainable life as possible. I am eager to learn from other wonderful people around the world who also live a creative and sustainable life. We are visiting people in Kona who live such a life like Mayumi Oda at Ginger Hill Farm(The website is in Japanese only!) in Kealakekua.

I have been just following my passion and love and this way of life naturally became my lifestyle. I am sure every one of us has a unique passion, it is important to follow it and keep your dream alive.

Please listen to the Coop radio program. You are welcome to stay our farm when you are in Japan. One night stay with two organic meals (dinner and breakfast) at Harmonics Life Center is US$50 per person.

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