Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Why Build a New Base on Okinawa When the Marines are Relocating to Guam?

We are back to Japan after two weeks of work and fun in Hawaii. We hold a Harmonics Healing and Raw Detox workshop at Ginger Hill Organic Farm and Retreat Center in Kealakekua (South Kona) Hawaii with Mayumi Oda.

The main focus of the workshop was detoxication, so during that time we ate only organic and raw food, nothing else and I am feeling GREAT! It has been an amazing healing and uplifting experience for me that I mean to continue this way of eating (100% raw) for a while.

Why for a while? Well, as it is winter and very cold in Japan, I also want hot meals, such as Nabe and Soup, too!

Now, today's topic: About a new base in Okinawa, Henoko. I have been to Henoko, Okinawa, a couple of times and it is such a beautiful place with coral reef and rich marine life. People's life for generations depend on the gift from the ocean. They can not sell their life no matter how much money they are given. THERE ARE THINGS THAT YOU CAN NOT BUY OR REPLACE. Okinawa people suffer enough from US bases. To me, Okinawa is still like under the US occupation!

Please read the article below which was sent my friend Satoko in Vancouver. It really make sense, doesn't it?

Why Build a New Base on Okinawa When the Marines are Relocating to Guam?: Okinawa Mayor Challenges Japan and the US

Satoko Norimatsu, who wrote this article (some translation) runs Peace Philosophy Centre there and you can check what they do in their website:http://peacephilosophy.com

She also is a member of Vancouver Save Article 9.
Check out the website if you are interested: http://vsa9.org

Haiti, Iraq, Afganistan, Congo, Somalia, West Papua, etc... a long list of suffering people and needs. I would like to use my time and energy this year to create a world where more people's needs are met. So, I am going to learn NVC to begin with by attending the 1 year Leadership Training of NVC (Non Violent Communication).
TODAY is 119. Let's reverse the mess that was created on 911 for the world! I am showing the DVD of Richard Gage, 9/11: Blue Print for Truth at MInatoku Syoko Kaikan at Sangyo Boeki Center in Hamamatsu-cho. Starting 7pm. Hope you can join me!

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