Saturday, January 23, 2010

9/11: Blueprint for Truth (Japanese) Now On Sale!

911 Blueprint for Truth DVD JPG

Architect and Engineers for 911 Truth has announced our production of the Japanese version of "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" on their website. I am very honored to be a part of the most effective and professional group for 911 Truth in the world.

You can, of course, order the DVD directly here in Japan at the GPC store. Go and check what is available in our store. We have a lot of books and DVD's in Japanese on 911 Truth that can be purchased. I do not think any other online store in Japan or the world, for that matter, carries our items.

Please check it out!

I am planning to organize a Simultaneous Screening of "9/11: Blueprint for Truth" in Japan on September 11 (9/11) and Nov 9 (11/9), 2010. Please call your friends in you neighborhood and organize small screening!

If we want there to be changes for the better in out world, WE must be the media, WE must expose the lies that have been told by the mainstream media. These lies have created war, poverty, fear and hatred, so as to create profits for the Industrial Military Complex that now controls all that goes on in our world.

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