Sunday, February 21, 2010

LIVE from San Francisco: AE911 Truth Press Conference

I made my way to San Francisco safely and I am writing this in a deep forest of red wood trees near Santa Cruz, where I am attending a retreat of Non Violent Communication.

On the day I arrived, I had the privilege of attending the press conference by Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth held in San Francisco at Marines' Memorial Club & Hotel.

In their website, you can download the press release.

I recorded a part of press conference that Richard Gage, Dr. David Ray Griffin, Dr. Steven Jones and Mr. Lawyers (founder of Fire Fighters for 911 Truth) spoke, but it is not the best quality of sound.

Next to me was NO Lies Radio, recording the whole conference, so you may be able to listen to the broadcast better.

In Japan, our 911 Truth International Conference in Tokyo group translated the press release and sent it to 200 major media outlets (TV, Newspapers, Radio and Magazines) in Japan by FAX, but as usual with the mainstream media, to my knowledge, not one story has been written about the conference.

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