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Back to Japan. I am writing this in our 200 old farm house where we grow rice, vegetables, as well as fruits and mushrooms organically, and am looking back at the rich experience of my 10 days in the US. Today's podcast was recorded on my last night in the US at Miki Kashtan's house, with Jared as a guest. He has a great passion to teach NVC (Non Violent Communication) in Japan one day. He was an assistant in the NVC retreat and I enjoyed his playfulness and open heart very much.


During this NVC retreat, I witnessed a community that has a different consciousness about human relationships. Those who practice NVC are really trying to create a world where each person's needs matter. It seems to me "a mission impossible", but the trainers were really practicing NVC moment to moment throughout the retreat, which was really amazing and moving!



As Miki says, "What You Say Next Will Change Your World".

For her blog - The Fearless Heart:
For her show - The Conflict Hotline:

One day, I would love to be able to talk like that in my own language and also in English.

On the last night of my trip to the US after the retreat, we saw a beautiful rainbow on the way to Oakland. A rainbow is a good sign, it means hope to me. I felt it was celebrating for all of us who had for the past 9 days worked passionately to create a better world for humanity. Well, I admit we are far from perfect, but every one of us had the clear intention for creating a world that we would like to live in.


Then, that beautiful sunset appeared. Nature is always reminding us what a beautiful place we live in. Soon after the sunset, there came a full moon. I was lost for words and deeply moved by the full moon. It was saying YES! with a big smile.


When I woke up on that day, the following words came to me in English, which was surprising to me (this happens in Japanese usually). I have never written a poem, but I am going to share it with you. This is my first poem in English.


It's OK to get hurt
It's OK to get beaten up
As long as I have my intentions clear
All I want is peace,
peace in me, peace in you, and peace on earth

I stand up again and again
making a lot of mistakes until I get it
I stand up and do the best I can in that moment
If I fail and create mess, I connect with myself
Deep moment of silence to find the beauty of needs
Then, I am ready to stand up again to give another try

I guess my English is like that of children, but still I would like to express myself in English so that I can reach those of you who may not read Japanese.

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