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What You Say Next Will Change Your World (Miki), and What You Buy Next Will Change the World (Yumi)!

The first half of the title today come from the Conflict Hotline by Bay NVC with Miki Kashutan as the host. She is currently my trainer of NVC (Non Violent Communication) which I am learning this year. I have become passionate about NVC, a new way of relating people since I attended the Bay NVC Leadership Training.

If you want to learn more about NVC, Miki's blog is a great source - The Fearless Heart:
For her TV show - The Conflict Hotline:

The latter part of the title came strongly to me at 5am this morning. It was SO strong that I had to wake up and write them down: What You Buy Next Will Change the World!

Well, this may be the title of my talk in the US.

Yes, this is essence of what I want to convey to American, Japanese, European or any affluent people in the world today. Our world is made of what we buy. Everything you see in your house exists because you or someone bought it. Without buying, things do not exist, and corporations who make products will not survive if we all stop buying their products.

Think about it. I love this STUFF as I share their humor and message.

As I live on an organic farm, trying not to pollute water around my home, I now live without using any detergent nor soap. I clean myself, clothes and house using salt, vinegar, baking soda, etc. I use no cosmetics either and I now have better skin than when I was in my 20s.

Anyway, I have to thank Bob (my empathy buddy) who inspired me to this. Bob is helping me to create a fundraising event for Bay NVC in the Bay Area when I return in May. I am asking Bob to find a venue for May 29th and 30th. I will keep you informed once we know what/where/when.

Below is a letter from Miki Kashtan. I am sharing this because I am pretty sure many of you who read my blog are working for PEACE. If so, here is your chance to be more effective in your peace building.

I am pleased to tell you that this year we are offering training for trainers in 3 different location: Northern California (July 23-29), Denmark (Aug 20-26), and Upstate New York (Nov 5-10). This training is designed for experienced NVC trainers (certified and others) who have a strong commitment to living and sharing NVC. please pass the word out.



The primary purpose of this intensive training is to provide support in increasing and deepening capacity for living and sharing NVC, especially to offer an opportunity to become proficient with the approach and materials that Inbal and I developed.

This training is likely to focus on the following areas:
- Teaching skills for interdependence
- Teaching about power and power relations
- Advanced empathy skills and teaching empathy skills
- Body-based NVC practices, especially for inner work and self-connection
- Feedback giving and receiving about materials, activities, presentations, etc. we anticipate that everyone will have opportunity to share at least once
- Living in full authenticity and interdependence

We invite you to attend or consider if there is anyone you know who meets these qualifications:

- At least a year of teaching NVC
- Intensive advanced training such as the BayNVC Leadership Program, other advanced yearlong programs, and/or completion of the certification process
- Strong commitment to making the sharing of NVC with others central to one's life

NOTE: All 3 offerings are open to people who are sharing NVC in any capacity, not necessarily through training. If you don't have the level of experience requested but would like to be at this retreat, contact us about options.

Here's what others have said about the first training we offered last September:

"The Training of Trainers with Inbal and Miki had a higher degree of benefit for me and I have shared more usable learning with others than any other training in which I have participated. (At least 45 days in residential trainings alone.) I have been profoundly changed by the learning and experiencing at this training, and I have been empowered by the growth I experience in that few days. More often now I ask for what I want, speak up about what isn't working, ask more clarifying questions about what is happening for others." Jeanne Northsinger

"Training the Trainers from BayNVC created an environment and opportunity for a deepening of my personal and leadership connection with some cutting edge NVC processes that have catapulted the depth and dynamic of the practice groups and workshops I facilitate and co-lead as well as my personal and intimate relationships" Craig Sones-Cornell

"The ToT retreat was one of the most profound personal growth experiences of my life. The deep coaching I received from Miki, Inbal, and the other participants was hugely supportive of my ability to see myself more wholly (my strengths and my edges). I came away with a richer understanding of key aspects of NVC consciousness as well as powerful tools for deeper self-connection, self-integration, and connection with others, which in turn are supporting me in sharing NVC more confidently and effectively. I wouldn't have missed it for the world" Linda Hutchins-Knowles

Costs: tuition is separate from basic expenses and paid separately. we have a policy of not turning anyone away for lack of funds for tuition.

California (July 23-29): camping: $400, shared room: $700. Tuition in addition: $900-$1800. contact for more information and to register.

Denmark (Aug 20-26): please visit for full details including costs.

New York (Nov 5-10): shared room: $525, single: $625. Tuition in addition: $800-$1600. Contact for more information and to register.

Note about training team: with the uncertainty about Inbal's health, it is unlikely that Inbal will join me at these events. If she is not available, other trainers who have worked closely with us may come instead.

Miki Kashtan

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