Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What You Can DO To Save Earth: Oil Spill

First, you can take a look at these photos:

Tell your friends who live on this planet that you can at least take a look at these photos. Face what is happening to our Mother Earth and our oceanic wildlife.

We can do something about it. While (instead of just) finding out who is responsible.

Bottom line is we are living on this planet together. We are stewards of the planet. We, who are living today, are responsible for future generations.

Let's stop the war and preparation for war(military exercises) for now, use the money for the cleaning and restoring this one of the biggest environmental disasters of mankind.

Here is 10 things you can do:
1. Boycott BP
2. Tell the Government, "Enough is enough!"
3. Shave Your Head
4. Purchase Dawn Dishwashing Detergent
5. Donate Essential Supplies For Volunteers
6. Support Those Saving The Wildlife
7. Become A Hero
8. Save A Fisherman
9. Join Hands
10. Get Connected and Inspired

"Shave Your Head"??

Read the entire story here.

Please pass this information to all of your list.
Mother earth is calling for help!

HELP. Together, we can do what no one of us can do alone.

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