Friday, July 02, 2010

”ZERO: An Investigation Into 9/11 ” Coming Soon To Japan

Good news!


Today, I went to Tokyo today and made an agreement with a famous theater (The Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography in Ebisu) in order to show the Japanese version of ZERO: An Investigation into 9/11.

I will announce the details more later, but please keep your evening open on 9/11/2010. I will be at that theater in Tokyo and showing that amazingly great documentary made by an Italian film maker.

On 9/9/2010, there will be another event put on by the Tokyo Peace Film Club. It is called the "911 Film Festival", and you can see good selection of 911 truth related films (in Japanese, some in English with Japanese subtitles). This is the only film festival in Japan that shows 911 films.

If you can, keep your day also open on that day. It will be an all day event.

I will post more details on both events as soon as I have them.

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