Monday, September 20, 2010

ZERO Completely SOLD OUT!

I do not know what is happening. Are people are finally waking up or what?

The number of advance tickets sales for ZERO for Saturday were less than 20 and for Sunday less than 10, but for the two days, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum for Photography theater was full for the screening of ZERO.

Sold Out JPG
The sign reads: The 18:40 showing of ZERO is SOLD OUT.

You can see more photos and articles in the ZERO Gallery.

It is quite amazing.

My dream is to give share this movie with at least 1% of the Japanese population, which is about 1 million people.

So far, about 1000 people have seen it. That is still a small number, but every every person that sees it helps swell the truth.

If one person can tell two people, and those two people tell two people the next day, and the next day those four people tell two people each, by the 28th day the number will exceed the population of Japan. (Of course, this is how it would work in an ideal situation...)

If you have not yet seen ZERO yet, please make the time to see it:

Right now it is screening at the Tokyo Museum of Photography, and next month it will be showing in Shibuya at the Image Forum. You can see detailed information on the English ZERO website.

I want every prefecture have at least one theater that shows ZERO, and for that, I need your support.

Please contact me by e-mail if you have information about independent theaters near you that you think might consider screening it or if you want to organize screening near you.

Thank you very much for your help.

Let's stop the fake war on terror and all the wars. We do not need them to live safely and happily.


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