Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bid for Compassion: Marlena's Teaching Fund Teaching NVC

I hope some of you who are reading this live in Bay Area or in California. I want you to support Marlena, a compassionate teacher of NVC.

Marlena is my friend, a co-participant of 2010 Leadership Program of Bay NVC and an assistant of 2011 Leadership Program which both Gen and I participated.

I became aware she had multiple physical difficulties when she laid down during the classes as it was too hard for her to stay sitting straight, which at first was surprising for me as I have never seen people lying down during classes. But I understood her physical condition and soon we come to know each other. I often was moved by how empathic she was when it came to guessing feelings and the needs of another person during LP 2010.

She has been teaching NVC to her group of people who have Chronic Illnesses & Disabilities. But those people can not afford to pay her much as they can not work because of physical or mental condition and they are in poverty.

So, they got creative and they are having online auction to support her financially so that she can continue teaching NVC to those who need it. Please read the story below, and bid if you can.

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