Friday, March 23, 2012

Helping Japan Stop Nuclear Power Plants will Help You

We had a potluck party yesterday at our place that included about dozen people who are interested in learning about what is happening in Fukushima, radiation in the Pacific ocean, its health effects, and how to stay healthy and positive in this difficult time of environmental crisis.

Some practical dietary applications to ease the effects of radiation in the body include:
1 Eat mostly fresh greens, vegetables of color, raw foods, and fermented foods. 80% raw food is optimal.
2 Daily intake of sea vegetables like Dulse, Wakame, Nori, Limu, Spirulina and others help the body maintain natural iodine which is helpful in shielding radioactive iodine.
3 In Japan after the atomic bomb, some people who ate miso, brown rice, umeboshi survived in spite of they were very close to the center.

Radiation is rapidly spreading in the ocean, but radiation (such as Cesium) in any water will not evaporate and create toxic rain as some are afraid, because the molecules are heavy and its evaporation point is 678 degree c. However, we need to monitor the radiation contamination in sea food and push our local government to act on this important issue, due to the fact that sea food is very important to the people of Hawaii.

As I have said, much can be done to minimize the effects of radiation, simply by maintaining a happy healthy diet and lifestyle. I am happy to come any place and share what I know. Please contact me by e-mail.

Most importantly, to avoid another accident, please ask our government (Japan) to stop reopening the nuclear power plants in Japan (52 are stopping right now out of 54, but government wants to reopen/restart the Oi nuclear reactors). You can send a short message to our prime minister by twitter:!/YoshihikoNoda

IT can be something like this:
Having nuclear reactors on earthquake faults is insane. I am shocked to hear Japan is still trying to reopen nuclear power plants again after polluting the entire northern hemisphere. We want safety, clean water, and clean air. No more radiation in the environment please.

Ben who attended the potluck just posted this to his Facebook page:

I really hope you can send a message to stop the nuclear power plants on earthquake faults (Japan!)

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