Wednesday, June 28, 2006

LA 911 Conference Great Success

Take a look at what Charlie Sheen says here:

Here is some news from Prison Planet:

American Scholars Symposium A Huge Success
Attendees from around the globe attest to 'best 9/11 truth conference ever'

Paul Joseph Watson|Prison|June 26 2006

Over 1200 attendees from as far afield as Japan, Great Britain and Australia converged on the Sheraton Hotel in Los Angeles to enjoy a conference that they later described as the best 9/11 truth symposium ever, the highlight of which was a personal appearance and speech by Hollywood star and 9/11 truth crusader Charlie Sheen.

People from as far away as Japan and Australia made the long-haul trip to L.A. to view slick presentations from numerous high profile speakers. Media organizations from Great Britain and Australia were also represented as well as over 100 alternative press outlets.

BYU physics professor Steven Jones' authoritative lecture on the use of incendiary devices in the demolition of the trade towers and building 7 went further than ever before in its conclusive tone on the issue. Jones has now tested steel samples from two different sites that both clearly show the use of thermate as a tool of implosion and the analysis has been verified by two other universities.

Lt. Col. Robert M. Bowman, the former head of the Star Wars weapons defense system and Ph.D. in Aeronautics and Nuclear Engineering from Cal Tech, also gave a powerful presentation on the NORAD 9/11 stand down which was extremely well received.

The highlight for many was the surprise personal appearance of Hollywood star, current TV hit and recent shining addition to the ranks of noted 9/11 whistleblowers Charlie Sheen, who received a rapturous ovation before his speech on the courage of those who went before him in standing up to an unpalatable truth in the name of freedom.

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Now, it is our turn to host the Symposium in Japan.
On Oct 7, we will invite Jimmy Walter and William Rodoriguez to Tokyo for the 1st 911 Truth Conference in Japan.

I am raising 2 million yen to cover the cost of the event. If you can afford any donation, please go to the Post Office near by and send whatever you can afford money by YUBIN Furikae (Postal Transfer: ask for the help) to:
00110-1-144224 Harmonics Life Center
In the box below, please write 911 donation, and your e-mail address, and at the bottom your name and address. For donations over 10,000 yen, I will send you a DVD produced by Re-Open 911 and signed by Jimmy Walter.

Thanks for your support in advance. I need all of you who are reading this to help make this a success!

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