Sunday, June 04, 2006

♪ Meeting with Johan Galtung ♪ - 33 min 29 sec - 7.7MB

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Have you heard of Transcend?

It is a method that solves conflicts without violence or arms. They have been very successsful in many areas of conflict and there are many Transcend trainers all over the world. There is even an academic group in Japan that studies the Transcend method.

The Interenational group can be found here:
Support Peace by Peaceful Means!

Buy Peace Shares with TRANSCEND and contribute to peacebuilding world-wide!

Isn't this great? I will send my support in Euros.

I went to ICU yesterday where Johan Galtung and other peace academics gathered for an International Symposium on Peace, Religion and Politics. The title was:
Movements and Pacifism after September 11.

In the podcast, you can listen to questions the scholars made to Johan and his responses to them. Meeting Johan was like meeting Gandhi!

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