Tuesday, August 01, 2006

C-SPAN airs “September 11th Terrorist Attacks”

The American Scholars Symposium: 9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda‘ that was held on June 25th in Los Angeles with Alex Jones, Professor Steven Jones, Col. Robert Bowman, Professor James Fetzer, Webster G. Tarpley and others aired all across the US on Saturday and Sunday on C-SPAN (US Public TV). The actual broadcast times were Saturday evening at 8pm and again at 11pm eastern time (July 29th) and 2:15 pm Sunday July 30th. It will re-air Tuesday (8/1) at 6:10PM EST.


This was a truly amazing for C-SPAN to do what no other TV station in the US has been prepared to do. It has sent and is sending shock waves throughout the US and now the world as news of it spreads rapidly!

The speakers pulled no punches and I am sure anyone seeing it who was not aware of the cover-up they were exposing would have been blown away to say the least. It was a totally ‘in your face,’ no pussyfooting around, let’s save the US and the world from the abyss that opened up and started swallowing our freedoms and our very precious lives on September 11th, 2001.

In the final minutes of the show Alex Jones says, ‘I would just like to state on the record; the 911 hoax has been exposed, the WMD hoax has been exposed. We’re going to continue to expose all of these hoaxes...‘

I urge you to watch this presentation broadcast by C-SPAN. You can watch it here on YouTube.

Listen to Professor Jones talk about the explosive residue he found in the pieces of steel from the World Trade Center that he analyzed. The evidence, from him and from the other experts on the panel is overwhelming and actually incontrovertible...

It is now time for everyone to take action, to stand up and ask for truth and justice, not just for the 3,000 who perished on Sept. 11th, but for the thousand who have been killed in Afganistan and Iraq...

If you are in the US and have access to C-SPAN I urge you to watch C-SPAN on Tuesday and see that there. If you want you can download it from here. A couple of versions and formats are available, but whatever, it is a big download of around 250 MB, so you will need a fast connection.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Yumi,

I am a member of the Scholars for 911 Truth. I have been following your blog among several others. It is good to see the international flavor of 911 truth advocacy. There are several members of ST911 from outside the US, including England, Canada and Australia. It is not necessary to be a "scholar" to be a member and the diverse background of our members is a asset. However, we do not, as yet, have any Japanese members. I wonder if you and others in Japan would consider joining the group. It would be a great bonus if we could enlist the aid of Japanese academics and engineering professionals, but of course that is not a requirement to join. If you had not considered it before, please give it some thought. In any case, I wish you well in your ongoing efforts to expose 911 truth and promote peace. I invite you to contact me personally if you'd like to converse further on this via email, you can contact me at (with the appropriate changes) lonDOTwatersATgmailDOTcom .

Best Regards,

Lon Waters
member, Scholars for 911 Truth