Friday, August 04, 2006

US National Radio Poll on 911: INSIDE JOB?


This was too important for anyone to miss but unfortunately, the poll closed after a very short time!! On the nationally syndicated "Ed Shulz Show" they asked the queston: Do you believe the US government attacked itself on 9/11?

You can see the result on this page:

It is too bad that it is now too late to vote, but an overwhelming 69% said that they believed!

Terror Concoction JPG

Benjamin's new book "9.11 Terror Concoction - How fascist America fooled the world by faking the 911 terror attacks" was in its second printing with 20,000 sold after just 3 days in local bookstores (It was released on July 31). Let's make this a million seller book here in Japan and YOU can help by spreading the news.

Remember the main stream media has failed to give adequate coverage to any of the alternative viewpoints to the official 911 story that have been raised, not only by ordinary people but by academics too. So now we must all do our bit and BECOME THE MEDIA by spreading the word...

I have the book in my Global Peace Campaign store also, which you can purchase through PayPal. Spread the good news about this book. We need everyone to know the truth! This book is a must read for any Japanese person who cares about global peace.

Benjamin and I are planning a 911 Truth Conference on Oct 7th in Tokyo at the Olympic Center, Yoyogi, Tokyo. I will keep you updated in this blog. Please reserve the day in your schedule if you are interested in learning the truth about 911. It will be an all day event.

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