Saturday, October 07, 2006

911 Truth Be Told!

Today Japan will have the chance to hear what really happened on Sept. 11th, 2001.

911 Truth Int. JPG

And make no mistake, it will not be what the mainstream media and Hollywood (eg. Flight 93...) have been spoon feeding us, I can assure you!

I have had the chance to meet with some of the speakers already and I am so impressed with there infatiguable desire to bring truth, peace and common sense back into our lives.

It is so inspiring to meet such people, who, after finding out what really happened on September 11th, literally stopped the lives they had been living up to that time and from then on have devoted themeselves to the task of awakening you, me and the rest of the world to the deception that is slowly engulfing us...

If you have not already started, it is time now for you to begin your own research...

If you discover things that don’t ‘quite fit with the official story’ then speak out to your friends and family... Discuss, explain, question... look deeply... You may then find your taste buds maturing and soon you will have no problem refusing the overly soft and simple baby food that has been placed oh so conveniently within your reach...

Anyway, when I am able to, I will keep you up to speed on events the Conference!

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