Sunday, October 08, 2006

911 Truth International Conference Photo Gallery!

Beyond Expectations!

Yesterday‘s 911 Truth International Conference was an overwhelming success and it exceeded our expections! I will write more soon, but for now, here are some pictures!

Greetings on Stilts JPG
From early in the morning guests were directed to the conference hall by ladies on stilts.

Opening Message JPG
Yumi giving the opening address!


Movie Audience JPG
View of the audience that joined the movie session, that included the first screening in Japan of the most popular 911 movie to date, 'Loose Change.' Actually, the Japanese version was not completed on time for the event, so only the first hour was shown.


Manadoulo  JPG
The opening performance for the second part of the program, the buffet party and lunch, was by Mamadou Lo, a well known African drummer who now lives in Japan.


Reception Party Audience JPG
View of the audience that attended the buffet lunch...


Jimmy Walter JPG
Yumi then proceeded to introduce the main guests for the event... Jimmy Walter flew over to Japan from Austria especially for the event. Jimmy Walter has spent millions of dollars of his own money in an effort to let the public know what really happened on September 11th. He even has a million dollar challenge to anyone who can prove that bombs did not bring down the two World Trade Center towers. No one to this day has even attemted to prove him wrong. Check out his website, ReOpen 911 here!


William Rodrigues JPG
William Rodriguez was next, the last man out of the World Trade Center and now a National Hero in the US. Read a little about William here.


Leuren Moret JPG
Leuren Moret
, the well known and internationally famous expert lecturer on the health effects of depleted uranium (DU), presented testimony on the high levels of radiation recorded in the area around the Pentagon in the hours and days after the destruction that took place there, suggesting that a cruise missile was the cause of the damage and NOT a passenger plane as we have been told, as cruise missiles contain DU.


Mad Armano JPG
Mad Amano
, a well known parody cartoonist spoke on how the mass media is using movies like ‘Flight 93’ and ‘The World Trade Center’ to embed the untruth of the events of September 11th, 2001 into the psyche of the world...


Richard Koshimizu JPG
Richard Koshimizu
gave a very annimated and powerful presentation covering many aspects of the Sept. 11th government conspiracy.


Dave Shaw JPG
Dave Shaw, gave us an introduction to the newly released Japanese version of the movie ‘911 Eyewitness’ and we were then treated to a 30 minute mini showing!


Benjamin Fulford JPG
Benjaman Fulford, the ex head of Forbes Asia, the well known economic magazine, then gave a very powerful presentation on how the world has been misled by the mainstream media. Currently he has several 911 bestsellers in Japanese in print, 9.11 Terror Concoction and 9.11 Truth Revealed.


Narusawa Muneo JPG
Muneo Narusawa, who wrote a very well written expose on the events of September 11th, then discussed different aspects of the 911 myth we have been told to accept as truth... He has a popular book in Japanese titled 911 Mystery.


William with Keys JPG
William Rodriguez then gave us a very, very moving account of his experiences at the World Trade Center. Many of the audience were in tears, including myself...


Next it was time for a musical interlude, with a message of Peace and Love, of course! ZAKI gave us an outstanding performance and included a song urging Japan to keep Article Nine of the Constitution. Article Nine states that Japan should never again use military force as a way to resolve conflicts.


Manadoulo JPG
Mamadou Lo
then gave us a stunning demonstration of his masterful drumming skills, so much so, that many people began dancing to the wonderful rhythms he created, including the two rather tall ladies that can be seen in the picture below, who came all the way from Osaka to support this 911 Truth Event!


Dancing JPG

The New Frontiers -1 JPG
The New Frontiers (minus 1)
performed next. They first got together in the 60’s when they were at high school and are well known for their wonderful renditions of the many of the folk tunes made famous in that era, including the songs of Pete Seger, Woodie Gutherie and Joan Baez..


Benjamin & William JPG
Benjamin Fulford and William Rodriguez. Two powerful men with a mission of Truth for the world!


Crowd waiting in line JPG
A view of the people lined up for the third session, the Symposium.


Symposium crowd waiting in line JPG
Another view! We were very surprised to see so many people. So many in fact it ended up being ‘standing room only’, which here in Japan, as you will see below, is actually ‘sitting on the floor room only!’


Symposium Audience JPG
Two views of the packed to capacity hall!


Symposium Audience JPG
‘Sitting on the floor room only!’


Symposium JPG
A view of the panelists that took part in the two and a half hour symposium that included a question and answer session with the audience...


William with guests JPG
William Rodrigues was in great demand!


Face The Facts JPG


reader said...

Thanks for the pictures and it's nice to see this. However, although its great that so many were interested and this is a first for Japan, I feel concerned about a couple of aspects -

1) the no-Boeing-at-the-Pentagon ideas promoted by Jimmy Walter & Leuren Moret are highly debatable: many many people disagree that anything other than flight 77 hit the Pentagon, and instead focus on the question of why and how *anything* was able to hit there.

Please see:

2) Similarly, the nuke ideas promoted by Jimmy Walter and on the film 911eyewitness are not supported by the evidence - only complete speculation - and instead function to discredit us to the average public. Both Professor Steven Jones and researcher Jim Hoffman have debunked the idea that any nukes were used! Yet Walter's site "reopen911" and the film 911eyewitness continue to push these ideas as though they are strong.


We appreciate the efforts, of course, and obviously this was a good event, but the disinformation of "nukes" and the weak evidence of "no-Boeing" theories are concerns for many.

Asass said...

Beautiful. Bless you all. makes my heart sing and gives us Hope. hugs and Best wishes to all!!!
occupied USA

James Redford said...

Thank you, Yumi Kikuchi, for telling us about the event and posting these pictures. It looks like the event went very well. I'm glad to see that the truth about the U.S. government-staged 9/11 attacks is getting out to people in Japan as well.

Another thing you may be interested in, Ms. Kikuchi, as well as other Japanese people, is the matter concerning the Pearl Harbor attack:

As just another among many, many examples of the U.S. government's use of staged Hegelian dialectical PsyOps attacks, President Franklin D. Roosevelt knew in advance and intentionally allowed (and provoked) the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor. See, for example:

"The McCollum Memo: The Smoking Gun of Pearl Harbor":

And that's just one among many, many smoking guns proving that the Pearl Harbor attack was an intentionally staged Hegelian dialectic by the U.S. government. For many more such smoking-gun, Freedom of Information Act-released U.S. government documents proving that the U.S. government knew exactly when Japan was going to attack Pearl Harbor, as well as their efforts to provoke exactly this response, see the book Day of Deceit: The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor by Robert B. Stinnett. For more on just some of that, see:

"Do Freedom of Information Act Files Prove FDR Had Foreknowledge of Pearl Harbor?," an interview with Robert B. Stinnett by Douglas Cirignano, The Independent Institute, March 11, 2002:

And for a list of dozens of hardcore smoking guns proving the Pearl Harbor attack was an intentionally staged Hegelian dialectic by the U.S. government, see:

"Pearl Harbor: Mother of All Conspiracies" by Mark Emerson Willey:

Japanese language version of the above webpage:


For much, much more on government-staged terrorism, see my below pages:

"Documentation on Government-Staged Terrorism," September 30, 2005:

"9/11 'Hijackers' Trained on U.S. Military Bases," August 12, 2006:


Take care, Ms. Kikuchi.

Anonymous said...

wow, way to go, thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic news. . . positive steps to awaken on mass the worlds consciousness, we need to reach so many souls. . .people that are too wrapped up in their own lives to actually realise whats happening to them in the bigger picture.

Its alarmimg to admit that our own goverments are guilty of such atrocities, but this is the stark reality.

9/11 is a just a small part of their plan, but it just may be the catalyst to ecourage many people to ask questions and demand answers that concern our very future.

Keep up the strength and seek the truth

Say no to a 'New World Order'

Anonymous said...

I am very excited to see the 9/11 Truth Movement spread to Japan. I wish you the best, and THANK YOU for your effort in exposing the TRUTH!

VII said...

We are dealing with a global problem which is state terrorism. Therefor it's wonderfull that people all over the world are now waking up to see the terror from our own government.
Self inflicted wounds to kill hundereds of thousends of innocent people for the sake of the grand plan, the NWO.
Say YES to freedom, say NO to the NWO!

jiiji1941 said...

To my regrets, a tiny but important miss sentense in the part of Yumi introducing the main guests for the event;
Jimmy Walter:He even has a million dollar challenge to anyone who can prove that bombs did not bring down the two World Trade Center towers.
This sentence is not accurate, i think.
He writes in his offer as follows;
The first person to prove explosives were NOT used in all of the above with a full, detailed mathematical analysis covering all of the points above will receive $1,ooo,ooo.

Anonymous said...

You should send these photos to the owners of TruthAction:

ThoughtCrime7 said...

Thank you for all your help over there in Japan!

British Patriot said...

Please Forward these links around the World.
Head of MI6 admits to Bilderberger meetings.