Wednesday, October 04, 2006

William Rodriguez to visit Japan!

William Rodriguez  JPG

Big News!

William Rodrigues is coming to Japan to speak at the first 911 Truth International Conference on October 7th in Tokyo! See my previous Blog to learn more about William.

It looks like it will be standing room only at the conference! It is going to be quite an amazing day...

Let the truth be known to all!

Click here for details on the 911 Truth International Conference!

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Anonymous said...

Great to see your good work there. Lots of things are going on. Conferences, books and movies. Not too many performances yet. This is one of the first THE FALL '01 -- We're hoping to start touring this show next year and would eventuall like to bring it to Japan. Let us know if you think there would be interest there.

Jackie T. Gabel