Friday, February 29, 2008

House of Councilors Mr. Fujita Spreading 911 Truth

Back to Japan safely from Canada, to our 200 year old farm house in Kamogawa after a one week visit to Vancouver. It was such a truthful trip and I would love to spend more time next time I visit.

Mr. Fujita's JPG

Mr. Yukihisa Fujita, now visiting Europe, has done remarkable job of spreading 911 truth to the world. I am writing an article about him for a Japanese magazine called SPA! and got an exciting report from a reporter friend who was there with him during the European parliamentarians' meeting that called for an international investigation.

He was very well received by the European parliament and by the audience who were there on that day, Feb 26, 2008. The event went on till 11pm or so, including the screening of the new documentary "ZERO" on 911 truth, that asks for an international independent investigation. Check out this moving trailer, which has some English, and also this introduction to the movie on YouTube that was broadcast on Italian TV. (It is in Italian only but has some good cuts):

When Mr. Fujita gets back, I will post more news here.

This story was just sent to me and I am surprised that the US major media seems to be writing more honestly than before.

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Anonymous said...

Fujita supports the cover-up of 9/11 tv fakery evidence, though well briefed via phone conference
Full vers.9/11 Stalker TV/PaulaGloria w/ jap. MP Yuk. Fujita