Tuesday, February 12, 2008

To US Solders in Japan: Don't Rape Young Japanese Girls Anymore

I just have to say this to all the US Soldiers. If you know anyone working in the US bases in Japan, especially in Okinawa, please pass this on...

Dear US marines and all the US soldiers in Japan,

It's been 63 years since you occupied our beautiful island of Okinawa. You've been in my country far too long. You are not welcome. Go home, be with your family and friends and protect your own country. Make love with who you love and who loves you. Do not rape young Japanese girls anymore.

Yumi Kikuchi, a Japanese mother of 4 and author.

Again, a junior high school girl was raped in Okinawa by a US marine on Feb 11, 2008.

How come this is not a news in the USA but in New Zealand? Thank you New Zealand Herald! I could not find any word of this anywhere in the US media. If anyone does, please let me know!


travellerev said...

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Anonymous said...

Kikuchi-san, I admire your courage and hard work, and agree with you on many issues. But in this case, I really think you should edit that post and use the term "allegedly" like a truly unbiased reporter would. Other reports say the sailor "claims he did not actually rape her but only forcibly kissed her." Of course this is also a crime, but hopefully you can see my point: until there is an investigation, you should report that "a junior high school girl was allegedly raped." - from a reader in Japan

Anonymous said...

Good Payback time kas finally arrived.