Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Keep Your Dream Alive and Be the Change: Bioneers and The Best Game

"Keep Your Dream Alive and Be the Change" is what I brought home (Japan) from my 2 weeks trip to USA, learning NVC and participating/covering Bioneers Conference. These words wake me up this morning so laud that I decided to write here.

Every step about my trip to the USA was miracle for me. I was able to take time off from my work in Japan (including leaving two young kids), to enter the USA (even though I was stopped and questioned for 2 hours at the immigration), to understand and enjoy learning NVC in another language in spite of my lack of English ability, to be happy and relaxed about sharing NVC in Japan, to be able to attend the Bioneers Conference thanks to Miki Kashtan who was giving a NVC workshop there, to be at peace about how the film ZERO was doing whole I was absent (actually it did very well), to be able to spend a night at a hotel with a new friend Jane I met at Women's leadership training within Bioneers, and Jane has a dream house and a half acre of land that can be turned into permaculture garden and it even has a mature avocado tree, etc......all of these were miracle after miracle for me.

And most of all, I was able to interview and record Nina Simons words, co-founder of Bioneers, in spite of her super busy and tight schedule (she gave me a few minutes) while everyone there wanted to talk to her. It was amazing she took a few minutes to answer my question.

And what she told me is amazing and inspiring, exactly what I wanted to hear: isn't this a miracle?

So listen to the Podcast of Nina which will be posted soon (11:30second will be an interview with Nina. My question was "What inspired you to start Bioneers?").

It is important for me to focus on what I am for rather than what I am against. I am for PEACE rather than I am against war. YES PEACE, rather than NO WAR, yes for sustainablitiy rather than against unsustainability (such as clear cutting of forest, polluting air, ocean, soil, etc).

Bioneers is something I really would like to get involved more and I also would like to see if I can organize something like that in Japan.

I continue to be the change, be the media and be peace as I have been saying last couple of years like a mantra.

In a way, Bioneers gives me the similar inspiration as The Best Game, which was founded by Norie Huddle, and I really share the value of The Best Game even today (I got to know Norie in 1988).

The Goal of the Best Game is to create peace, health, prosperity and justice universally on earth by year 2012. And the Game has 10 rules on how to go about it. In a way, it is vague, but it really gives me the rules how I want to live daily life. I am a member of the Game since the time I know Norie Huddle.

TO learn more about the Best Game:

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