Tuesday, November 22, 2005

42 years since JFK was assassinated!!

Today, Nov 22, marks 42nd anniversary of John F Kennedy's death. LoveEarth link sent me this and I was again shocked to see the film of how he was killed. It could not have been done by a single person, which still is the official story. It had to be at least three men to shoot him like that. Check it out for yourself.

The US is a country where someone can kill the most popular president and still can get away with it.

Who really killed the president?
Who really did the 911?

The press is not giving us the real answers!

This site is very helpful and eye opening for many, especially for most of Americans.
Please tell many people to look at the site.

Each one of us MUST become the media when the mass media does not work as it should! The future of the world is at stake, for our children and their children!

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