Friday, November 11, 2005

♪ Another Hibakusha (radiation victim): Dennis Kyne ♪ - 8 min 53 sec - 2.1MB

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Gen is now in San Francisco and just met Dennis Kyne. He is another veteran from the first Gulf War and is suffering from the effects of Depleted Uranium (DU). Dennis was in the US Army for the Desert Storm operation in 1991. He became ill without knowing what the cause was.

After he met Leuren Moret, an independent scientist who works on
radiation and public health issues with communities around the world, he started learning about DU, especially low level radiation and its affects on human beings.

He now is a great activist, advocating for the medical treatment of all the soldiers suffering from DU by the US government. He is constantly threatened and harrassed, etc, but he will not stop until he gets a positive result for all the people suffering from this deadly banned weapon.

We must stop the use of these illegal DU weapons. For that, working along with soldiers like Dennis and Gerald Matthew is very a important thing.

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Dennis Kyne with Cindy Sheehan in Crawford Texas. You can see in his hands a copy of the DVD Beyond Treason as Dennis passes it along to Cindy. This award winning documentary has been entered in many film festivals. Dennis is featured in this film which was previewed at Camp Casey in Crawford, Texas. Learn more about the documentary at

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