Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Cheney should resign! from Gordon Kobayashi

I just got the following letter from Gordon Kobayashi. I met Gordon through the Kucinich for President Campaign. I think this letter tells us precisely what's been wrong with USA and White House now. Please join the campaign!
I just sent a personal message to all my representatives in Congress, I hope you will join me!

Tell Congress to Demand Dick Cheney's Resignation

Dick Cheney is personally to blame for the illegal and disastrous invasion of Iraq. Behind the scenes, Cheney was in charge of the war planning effort. In public, Cheney uttered the Administration's most egregious and bald-faced lies - especially about Iraq's non-existent nuclear program. When his nuclear lies were exposed by Ambassador Joe Wilson, Cheney personally participated in the criminal campaign to destroy Joe Wilson by outing his wife. Cheney refuses to take any responsibility for the war or for his crimes, and his former chief of staff, Scooter Libby, committed perjury and obstruction of justice to keep Cheney fro m being indicted. The United States cannot tolerate a criminal hiding from Justice in the White House. Congress must demand Cheney's immediate resignation.

Thank you

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